Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy to Be Poor

The following poem is an excerpt from the collection;
Pictures of the Messiah.
This complete collection of Poems is available at in Print and Kindle formats.

He says to our hearts
words we have longed for.
His authority reverberates
within our souls.

He says we are happy in our poverty
because the Kingdom of God is ours.
Blessed are the hungry
because we will be filled.
Happy are those of us who weep,
for He promises us laughter.

He says we will rejoice
when we are rejected and persecuted
for His sake,
because the ancestors
of those who spout evil against us
did the very same
to the prophets.

I listen as poor as am
and my soul is filled.
I have longed to hear words
that embrace me,
such as His.

In my weakness He gives me strength.
In my despair He gives me joy.
Please, Lord, be the Son of my hope,
be my deliverer.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr